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Submitted Papers


G189.6+03.3: the first complete X-ray view provided by SRG/eROSITA
Francesco Camilloni, Werner Becker
A&A, accepted

eROSITA studies of the Carina Nebula
Manami Sasaki, Jan Robrade, Martin G. H. Krause, Jonathan R. Knies, Kisetsu Tsuge, Gerd Pühlhofer, Andrew Strong

Searching for X-Ray Counterparts of Degree Wide TeV Halos Around Middle-Aged Pulsars with SRG/eROSITA
Alena Khokhriakova, Werner Becker, Gabriele Ponti, Manami Sasaki
A&A, accepted

The warm-hot circumgalactic medium of the Milky Way as seen by eROSITA
Nicola Locatelli, Gabriele Ponti, Andrea Merloni, Werner Becker, Johan Comparat, Konrad Dennerl, Michael J. Freyberg, Manami Sasaki, Michael C. H. Yeung
A&A, accepted

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